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Fulfillment and Joy: Your Life Depends On It


Lamar Anthony Hill, nationally known poet and playwright, debuts three ground breaking plays in one night.

Positive Discomfort: Do Something That Makes You Uncomfortable

Part of our problem is that we are simply too comfortable. In that comfort we hold on to reigns of control and predictability and, of course, receive an expected outcome. Note, I said expected outcome . . . not desired outcome. We’ve all heard it before — if you want something different, you have to […]

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Our peculiarities, idiosyncrasies, differences, gifts and talents are precisely why we exist. In addition to our specialized services, we encourage, motivate and inspire each individual to identify embedded talents and gifts and use them to experience fulfillment and joy. We were born to dream, see our purpose – and make it reality! Together, let's embark upon the journey to Dream Free or Die!℠


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